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20 somethin’ safety service…services clients in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and South Dakota…

20 somethin’ safety service has been serving its clients for over 18 years as a “part-time” Safety Coordinator (Over 25 years in Safety Profession).” Previous Safety experience includes:

  • Ten years Public Safety (Law Enforcement and Firefighting)
  • Ten years as Safety Director for private businesses

Clients include:

  • Ag Equipment Manufacturing
  • Building Product Warehouses
  • Cast Stone Manufacturing
  • Consumer Food Processing
  • Heavy HVAC Contractors
  • Light Plastic & Metal Machining Manufacturing
  • Heavy and Light Metal Fabrication Manufacturing
  • New and Used Auto Dealerships
  • RV Manufacturing
  • Solid Surfaces Manufacturing
  • Waste Gas Recycling
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Wholesale Metal Suppliers
  • Window Manufacturing
  • Wood Products
  • Loss Control Consultant for Insurance Company
  • Foundries
    • Aluminum & Brass Foundries
    • Die Cast Manufacturing
    • Foundry Contractors
    • Foundry Equipment Suppliers
    • Gray Iron Foundry

What does the "20 somethin" mean?

Unfortunately, it is not my waist size; nor is it my age.

I felt there had always been a niche to supply “safety service” to companies and businesses that did not have the need for a full-time Safety Director or may not be able to afford a full-time Safety Director as well as providing larger companies with supplemental safety/compliance assistance.

I had been traveling Highway 20 in eastern Iowa on business and thought it would be a good corridor to start up my client base. Hence the “20.” I also knew I would be charging a fee but wasn’t certain what the fee would be but it had to be “somethin’;” and hence the “somethin.”

Since that time, the client base has expanded to serving clients in other areas of Iowa as well as Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

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